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The most overlooked aspect of web design is also the most important. What does your website say to your ideal prospects?

Web designers usually ask their clients to provide all website content - text copy, headlines, photos, videos. Partly because of this, content is the #1 source of delays when building a new website.

It's easy to get excited about visual design, fonts and colours, and written content is just something else to look at, and not of much importance.

Groweb Design turns this on its head.

We strongly believe what your website says is of much higher priority than how it looks.

Of course looks are still very important - design should give the content clarity and emphasis.

Our proprietary technique: Concise Questioning

We have developed a unique technique called Concise Questioning which we use in our website projects. It enables you to plan your website page by page in a way that keeps you focussed on your business goals, and ensures you are communicating clearly with your ideal buyers.

The Concise Questioning plans translate systematically into highly focussed content for your website, and still allow for creativity with writing, photographs, graphics and video content.

It is the most efficient way we have found to get quality content, and most importantly it works predictably every time.

The Concise Questioning technique has been adapted from advice and tools used by top content strategists and copywriters, for use by individuals with smaller projects. It can help you get website content which grabs attention and convinces your visitors to buy from you or find out more.

Get in touch today if you'd like to learn more, or why not ask us to review your website content and explain how the Concise Questioning technique could improve it?

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